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Leveraging AI For Pavement Management

Shot with a GoPro Camera


High Quality Pavement Assessments

We use GoPro cameras to obtain high definition video of a road. Using this information, we are able to calculate 0-100 rating for each road.

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Automated Distress Identification

Our machine learning and computer vision algorithms looks at each road section and can identify specific types of cracking and potholes.

StreetSmarts Platform​

Our StreetSmarts platforms is a cloud-based solution for your pavement management needs. Whether it is a virtual drive through of your roads or help with budgeting, StreetSmarts has you covered!

Learn more about StreetSmarts here >>

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Data Driven Decisions

Make decisions about your infrastructure based on objective results. With clear visualizations and comprehensive report on the state of your roads, it will be easier to make maintenance and rehabilitation decisions.

Partner Program

Our partner program allows civil engineering firms to utilize our software to conduct objective and efficient pavement assessments.

Learn more about our Partner Program here >>

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